Resilience unveiled, Ashika’s journey from wounds to Roadies Triumph

Last Updated on October 16, 2023 by Nutritionist

In the world of fitness and reality television,Ashika Surve has captured the hearts of many people. Ashika made her debut in the Indian reality show “MTV Roadies,” where she showed her determination and aced all the tasks. Her journey from a aerial yoga practitioner contestant and mallakhamb expert to a MTV  Roadies 2023 contestant is truly inspiring. Few years back, she suffered 3 ligament tear in her knees while performing aerial yoga. However, this injury did not put a halt on her aerial yoga. She infact surpassed the pain with a positive attitude. Did this fall break her? No not at all. She never slowed down & in this journey XLR8 skysolate an pure isolate whey protein helped her perform exceptionally well in various departments.

XLR8 Skysolate

Skysolate, a high-quality pure isolate whey protein powder from brand XLR8. Skyolate is a low carbs, low fats & no added sugar pure whey protein isolate that has helped her in faster muscle recovery and lean muscle building and she believes performance and recovery goes hand in hand together and skysolate fulfills her requirements.

Ashika Surve’s journey from an aerial yoga and mallakhamb expert to roadies  is an evidence to her dedication to fitness. Ashika’s journey is a reminder of the importance of quality nutrition, particularly when pursuing a physically demanding lifestyle.XLR8 Skysolate whey protein has been instrumental in helping her shape her fitness journey, and it continues to empower her to pursue her passions with unmatched dedication and energy.