XLR8 ImmuWhey

Made in a state of art compliant company owned and operated
facility, XLR8 Superfoods Series ImmuWhey is Whey Protein enriched with 13 Herbal Extracts including Amla, Cinnamon, Curcumin, Ginger, Guduchi, Ashvagandha, and many more which
are well researched to boost immunity and improve general
well-being. It is fortified with Vitamin C, Vitamin D & Zinc to
boost your immunity. This great tasting product has Natural
Cocoa and it’s without any preservative, food color, or artificial
sweetener. No Sugar added in this product.


Great Taste     Nothing Artificial


No Banned Substances

XLR8 products are manufactured in FSSAI licensed facilities and undergo stringent quality checks to ensure there are no banned
substances. Our ingredients comply with all GMP standards.

FSSAI Certified Factory

XLR8 products are manufactured in our own FSSAI approved factory with the most stringent quality checks on raw materials & finished product.

Product Authentication

Every XLR8 products carries unique QR code to check the Genuineness of product and encouraged customers to stay away from fake product